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Support for training for the Paralympics

Due to her life story, Sophie has already had to overcome serious crises. She often found it difficult to master her everyday life in an emotionally stable manner. An educational team from the home for children and young people in Weimar gave her intensive support and, with the help of psychotherapy and a clearly structured daily routine, she was able to get through everyday life better and better. Especially the regular training and learning figure skating has opened up a new opportunity for Sophie. As part of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation's employee Christmas bonus program, Sophie was able to take part in the training program.

This strengthened her self-esteem in particular and, in addition to motor skills and body awareness, Sophie experienced a sense of belonging and a sense of community outside of her residential group or school through the training in the group. She received recognition for her sporting achievements and, through regular training, learned to keep her passion for an activity constant. In training for pair skating, Sophie learned to engage with her skating partner and trust in other people was strengthened. Dealing with failures was also practiced through the sporting training and behaviors could be transferred to everyday life.

Sophie's training and willingness paid off and thanks to the support of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, she was able to secure a place in the squad for the Paralympics.


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