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New technical equipment for music therapy

The therapeutic music education in the Sonnenhof hospice of the Björn Schulz Foundation is an offer for children and young people. Music therapy benefits sick children, their parents and siblings. As an important instrument, music strengthens the perception and expression of emotions, raising awareness and working on emotional blockages. Music therapy can also support the development of new ways of expressing feelings and needs. 

The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation provided the urgently needed technical equipment for the production of recordings. With the instruments already available, the new technology enables therapists to produce self-sufficient and professionally high-quality recordings together with children. The children can take the recordings with them, some develop their own songs and texts and thus process grief, fears and pain. In addition, the recordings help to strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence and increase both mental and physical activity in sick children.    

“The Björn Schulz Foundation is looking forward to supporting and accompanying many more children, young people and their families with music therapy. We have waited a long time to be technically so well equipped to have a holistic therapeutic offer.", Melanie Malong, employee of the Björn Schulz Foundation 


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