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Warm school uniform for children in Nepal

The corona pandemic led to restrictions worldwide. Some of our projects could also only be realized with a delay during this time. One of the projects affected was a proposal submitted as part of our employee Christmas grant. A health check was planned to be carried out by Long Yang e.V. This was not possible due to the pandemic, so we decided together with long-yang.org to use the donation for other meaningful purposes. Pupils from the Sri Suntakhan Secondary School and the Tharebir Basic School in Nepal have received warm school clothes from us for the coming winter. 

As one of the poorest countries in the world, Nepal does not have a nationwide public health or social system. For many people, financial, socio-cultural, geographic, and institutional barriers make it difficult to access adequate health and medical care. In rural areas, the pandemic was made more difficult by the fact that the country-wide lockdown made it impossible to work. So the donation of warm school clothes for the children was more than welcome, as these are usually paid for by the families.  


Logo Welfare
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