Every child has the right to go to school and have access to education. We finance the counstruction of classrooms, support educational programs and improve infrastructures.Regine Sixt
Modernes, inklusives Schulkonzept 
Country: Germany
Town: Rostock
Musikunterricht für Kinder in Italien
Country: Italy
Town: Montepulciano
Chancen durch Bildung für Slumkinder
Country: Kenia
Town: Nairobi
Neue Spielgeräte für die KiTa Tempelacker
Country: Schweiz
Town: St. Gallen
Neue Schulausstattung für Family House
Country: Nepal
Town: Lalitpur
Conversion of a primary school
Country: Vietnam
Town: Vinh Long Provinz
Renovation and equipment of a school
Country: Libanon
Town: Beirut
Construction of a day nursery
Country: Barbados
Town: Speightstown
Construction of a school in Mkenda
Country: Tansania
Town: Mkenda
Music lesson for three classes in Italy
Country: Italy
Town: Montepulciano
Acquisition of woodwind instruments
Country: Italy
Town: Montepulciano
Neue Musikinstrumente für das Waisenhauses
Country: Italy
Town: Montepulciano
Construction and installation of three mobile libraries
Country: Vietnam
Town: Mekong River Delta
Acquisition of materials for children with autism
Country: Germany
Town: Mainz
Pilgrimage to Rome for handicapped children
Country: Italy
Town: Rome
Schools for syrian refugee children in Jordan
Country: Jordanien
Town: Azraq
Construction of a children's care center
Country: South Africa
Town: Pretoria
A new piano for the music school
Country: Italy
Town: Montepulciano
New way for education and integration
Country: Israel
Town: Beit Jala
Education for refugee children
Country: Libanon
Town: Bekaa-Ebene
Integration and Inclusion of Romani and Sinti children
Country: Hungary
Town: Pécs
Living and Learning together at the Michaelschule
Country: Germany
Town: Rostock
Integration and Inclusion of Romani and Sinti children
Country: Slowakei
Town: Nitra
Expansion of a preschool for children from broken families
Country: Mexico
Town: Mexico City
The Tarnabod Project
Country: Hungary
Town: Tarnabod
Establishing a natural sciences room at a girls' school in Jerusalem
Country: Israel
Town: Jersusalem
Equipment for children's center fairplay
Country: England
Town: Chesterfield
Equipping a care center for school children
Country: Polen
Town: Posen
Construction of a school in Ukunda
Country: Kenia
Town: Ukunda
Two classrooms for a primary school
Land: Senegal
Town: Nianiar
Streetchildren's center
Country: Namibia
Town: Rundu
Educational sponsorships
Country: Germany
Town: East-Germany
Two more classrooms for King's Academy
Country: Kenia
Town: Oloitokitok
Kita playground at the family center Manna
Country: Germany
Town: Berlin
A school for a Slum in Dhaka
Country: Bangladesh
Town: Dhaka
Renovation of a special Kindergarten
Country: Rumänien
Town: Cluj
Extension and renovation of a special kindergarten
Country: Weißrussland
Town: Region Voronova
Installation of a wirless network at the Hashmonaim School
Country: Israel
Town: Jaffa
Transport of school furniture
Country: Kongo
Town: Tshikapa
Construction of a Kindergarten in Luc Sy Thanh
Country: Vietnam
Town: Provinz Vinh Long
Montessori Kindergarten
Country: Tansania
Town: Mtwara
Reconstruction of the school "La Garenne"
Country: Haiti
Town: Delmas