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Musical waterbed for Snoezel room

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The Hirschgarten House for Children looks after around 100 children. It is important to the management to be able to offer diverse and developmentally appropriate educational and experiential opportunities. Developmental risks are recognised at an early stage and the children are supported in their social integration. In today's everyday life, many children hardly find any resting places and are just as exposed to stress as adults. The new Snoezel room in the House for Children provides a remedy for this and offers the little ones the opportunity to switch off for once.

For the new Snoezel room, a staff room that was no longer in use was redesigned and staff members worked together to plan and design the room. A donation from the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation made it possible to finance the music waterbed, which serves as a central therapy element in the Snoezel room.

By combining the senses of hearing and feeling, a comfortably warm waterbed provides the ideal basis for regeneration, deep relaxation and stress reduction. With the music waterbed, children feel the sound via the water of the waterbed mattress that is set in vibration. in addition to relaxation, the music waterbed also serves therapy purposes and is used for targeted movement and music therapy.


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