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New computers and equipment for children's home in Nepal

Tiom Laura Home is a children's home for disadvantaged children to provide them with a safe environment, healthy nutrition, education and health care. The children attend schools in Nepalese and English and also receive computer lessons in the home. In addition to school and training, excursions and other leisure activities are regularly organized for the different age groups. Tiom Laura Home is run by an enthusiastic Nepalese staff and the children grow up in their own culture and nature. The staff is regularly supported by volunteers.  

For the well-being of the children, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation provided financial support for the replacement of necessary things, an extension of computers, washing machines, mattresses and office chairs. The children's home relies on donations and gifts, as well as the support of volunteers. They provide good accommodation, a loving and healthy environment and offer the children the opportunity for a good education. The children grow up in their own culture, experience nature and can develop. 


Logo Welfare
CITY Kathmandu


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