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Skibob training for children with disabilities

On the slopes, get set! In 2022, there was a highlight project for the children of the Pfennigparade Foundation. With the support of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, two wonderful ski bobsleigh days were organised in the Kaiser Mountains in the best Kaiser weather. Children, parents and carers experienced inclusion on the slopes, as special skibobs also enabled people in wheelchairs to actively participate in this winter sport. With particularly carefully designed corona measures, not only children with disabilities but also their friends and families were able to spend two great, sunny days in the snow. 

The winter sports programme for children with disabilities is an important part of the Pfennigparade Foundation's support for inclusion in practice. Most wheelchair users usually only experience snow as a disruptive factor, but this way children learn at an early age that there are options for them too, and with a little practice many whiz down the mountain just as quickly as children on skis.


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COUNTRY Österreich
CITY Innsbruck, Österreich


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