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New classrooms for children in Karnataka

SIXT R&D India celebrated the inauguration of the newly built classrooms together with the students of the Government Higher Primary School in Palanajogihall in Karnataka in May 2022. The project is part of SIXT's CSR plan in India and was implemented in collaboration with DRYING LITTLE TEARS.

A welcome message by Regine Sixt was shared at the inauguration ceremony and the first lesson was taught in the newly built classrooms in the presence of SIXT colleagues on site. SIXT additionally plans to continue to support by offering computer classes to the teachers at the school to support school children.

This is the first CSR-project of SIXT R&D India and there are further plans for more efforts, where the idea is to enable elementary education for students in rural areas and bridging the rural-urban divide in India. The focus is also on improving the quality of young children’s education near the SIXT business location in Karnataka.

In May 2023, SIXT R&D India inaugurated five new classrooms at the Government Higher Secondary School. In the newly built classrooms, the state-of-the-art facilities were proudly displayed. The modern classrooms allow teachers to apply innovative teaching methods and enhance the overall educational experience for students. Facilities include ergonomic furniture, interactive whiteboards, internet connection and modern audiovisual equipment. These improvements provide students with access to a world-class learning environment.


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