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“Play with me!” – New offers at the Center for Child Development (ZKE) 

In collaboration with the Center for Child Development (ZKE) in Berlin, we have redesigned the waiting area and created new play and learning opportunities. The ZKE Berlin offers comprehensive examination and treatment options for children and young people with various developmental abnormalities from birth to the age of 18. In addition to medical care, the ZKE also provides therapeutic and advisory support to children and their families, especially in daycare centers if there is an increased need for support. 

The project aims to help parents use the waiting time wisely with their children instead of resorting to digital distractions. By creating new play and learning opportunities, we aim to create a stimulating environment that strengthens the bond between parents and children while promoting child development. 

Many thanks to Stefanie, a SIXT employee, who submitted this project to the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation and thus contributed significantly to the success of this project. 


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