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Playing without borders

An integrative playground in Cottbus enables handicapped children, who are taken care of by the Johanniter services, to play together with healthy children, as all equipment is desigend for the use wheelchairs. Thanks to the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, the playground was expanded to include a swing and a pavilion. In addition, a barrier-free access from the playground to the terrace, the youth room and the sanitary facilities was ensured. "Promoting the concept of integrative playing in order to bring healthy and seriously ill children together and let them play with each other in a carefree way is a matter very close to my heart." (Regine Sixt)

At the end of 2023, the wooden tree bench in the playground, which had been damaged due to age over the years, was replaced. Now the children can safely use their popular tree bench again, without the risk of injuries from splinters or brittle wood. 

We look forward to continuing to help children play carefree and enjoy their free time. 


Logo Welfare
COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY Cottbus
PERIOD 2017 + 2023


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