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New mobile ultrasound device for outpatient palliative team

The children's palliative team in southern Hesse takes care of terminally ill children and young people both medically and those affected and their relatives mentally and organizationally in a situation that is very challenging for everyone. This care takes place on an outpatient basis in a familiar environment at home in order to maintain the best possible degree of normality for those affected and their families. Transport to specialists or medical facilities to carry out examinations or treatment, often combined with an inpatient stay in an unfamiliar environment, can lead to stress, anxiety and often enough physical suffering and pain. Many treatments can also be carried out on an outpatient basis in the home environment, but require a reliable examination and diagnosis in advance, which often involves a change of location. Thanks to the donated mobile ultrasound device, those affected no longer have to travel, and treatment to alleviate the burden of symptoms can be carried out immediately and on site. Those affected, their relatives, as well as the doctors in the children's palliative care team benefit from this, as they can not only help the patients better and faster, but can also use their time capacities more efficiently.

"The mobile ultrasound device is extremely user-friendly, it fits in every pocket, provides meaningful images on the display of my smartphone and guarantees me fast and reliable diagnoses and assessments that allow me to take immediate measures to alleviate symptoms," says Palliative care physician and medical director of the palliative team Dr. Daniel Stanze.


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