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Supported communication for children

Communication is a basic human need. Only those who are able to express their ideas, wishes, and needs can actively participate in social life. Children who are unable to speak due to severe cerebral movement disorders, certain genetic syndromes, or complex developmental disorders are forced to live without the most important form of expression – speech.

Speech therapy uses alternative forms of communication for language acquisition, speech, and communication for young patients. Depending on the individual abilities of the children, manually coded language, pictures, and symbol cards are used. Electronic communication aids offer an additional option. Studies show that their use, in combination with sign language, can improve language understanding and communication skills.

In order to provide a range of technical communication aids to the Integrated Social Pediatric Center of LMU Munich Hospital, the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation, together with the Hauner Association, was pleased to fund the purchase of new equipment. This will now allow children to learn to express themselves without speech and improve their communication skills.


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