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Equipping a premature baby ward with medical equipment

The Malteser maternity clinic "Zur Heiligen Familie" in Bethlehem is the largest facility in the West Bank where high-risk pregnant women can receive medical care according to Western standards. With its donation, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation DRYING LITTLE TEARS has made it possible to replace the outdated medical equipment with modern equipment.

With its neonatal intensive care unit and nearly 5,000 deliveries a year, Malteser Hospital is the largest gynecological and obstetrical clinic in the region. It has 63 beds, a neonatal intensive care unit with 18 cribs, a maternal intensive care unit with 2 beds and a day hospital with 6 beds.

The premature care unit now has two new premature ultrasound machines, as well as four incubators and other important equipment to support the healthy development of premature babies. Many premature babies require intensive care and with the new equipment, many can be treated quickly and easily.   


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