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New instruments for the music therapy room

The little patients in the ANNA Eichendorf House, a facility run by the Munich Ambulatory Children's Hospice Foundation (AKM), can look forward to new instruments in the music therapy room.  

It has been proven that music has a healing power that has a positive impact on children's well-being. That's why the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation financed the purchase of various musical instruments such as a guitar set, piano, therapy singing bowls and a sound cradle. The opportunity to play different instruments and create sounds offers young patients a space of relaxation and self-expression in which they can process and express their emotions. 

The ANNA Eichendorf house is the first of a total of four planned part-time children's hospices and is intended to close the existing gap between outpatient and full-time inpatient care in Bavaria. Affected families are relieved of their everyday lives through regular or acute day, night or weekend care.


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