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Barrier-free access and renovation of the outdoor area of the Blue House

The Blue House of the Support Group for Children with Cancer e.V. Stuttgart offers families of children with cancer a temporary home during inpatient or outpatient treatment. But it lacked accessibility and a modern appearance. This is where the joint commitment of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation together with LEONHARD WEISS GmbH & Co. KG comes into play. 

Thanks to this community support, children with physical disabilities and families with strollers can now easily access the premises. But it's not just about accessibility - the appearance of the Blue House now shines in new splendor. 

A mother reports enthusiastically: “My daughter, who can only get around in a wheelchair, now prefers to visit the advice center because access to the rooms is much easier.” And a father is happy about the innovations: “The new access to the The advice center makes our visit a lot easier for us because we no longer have to climb stairs with the stroller. The new access also makes you feel much more welcome.” 

These words clearly show what a positive impact the commitment has and that we were not only able to physically improve the Blue House, but also touch the hearts of those who are looking for support in these difficult times. 


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