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New inclusive playground for children of a pediatric center 

The Saint Jacques Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center of the Order of Malta France allows the rehabilitation treatment of children and adolescents with motor, orthopaedic, neurological functional deficits or burns, sometimes associated with sensory, psycho-intellectual or cognitive functional deficits.  

On the site of the center, the existing playground was supplemented with a sensory and inclusive offer. Up to 30 children a week enjoy the new play equipment donated by the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation DRYING LITTLE TEARS, such as the hammock and the sound flowers as well as the picnic tables. After sometimes staying in the center for months and long treatment times, the children and their families are happy about the expanded playground and enjoy the time together. 


Logo Health
COUNTRY Frankreich
CITY Roquetaillade


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