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Komfortablere Betreuung mit neuen Pflegebetten

In order to be able to guarantee safe and comfortable care for seriously and chronically ill children as well as children with disabilities, we supported the Irmgard-Hof of the Björn Schulz Foundation with the purchase of new care beds. The care beds are a necessary prerequisite for families with a severely disabled child to be able to enjoy a relaxing stay. 

At the Irmgard-Hof, children aged 6 and over and their families find a place for aftercare, relaxation and encounters. Orphaned parents and siblings are also welcome. A team of social education specialists provides support and accompanies group stays with planning and pedagogical expertise. We already have a good partnership with the Irmengard-Hof. For example, a special therapeutic component was created in the form of a petting zoos made possible by the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation.


Logo Welfare
COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY Gstadt am Chiemsee


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