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A new playground for the Sterntaler Hof

Confidence & joie de vivre. If a child suffers from a life-threatening or life-limiting illness, this not only triggers great consternation in the entire psychosocial environment. Above all, it means a massive burden for the whole family, often lasting for a long time.

The Sterntalerhof is a children's hospice that looks after families with seriously, chronically and terminally ill children and also supports their families. The aim of the Sterntalerhof is to preserve the feeling of carefree and happiness, confidence and joie de vivre for children and their families as far as possible. For families who don't know how long there will be tomorrow together.

With the support of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, a new playground was built, which offers the children a lot of variety. Here you can switch off and be carefree.

“I was immediately touched by the concept of the Sterntalerhof, because the whole family is involved and there is a lot of laughter.” Anke Stocker, SIXT Austria


Logo Welfare
COUNTRY Österreich
CITY Loipersdorf-Kitzladen


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