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Holiday camp for children and young people to strengthen the community

The association Lebensband e.V. enables children and young people to engage in joint activities, regardless of their origin. The focus is on experiential educational activities in which the participants not only have fun, but also strengthen the sense of community. Experienced voluntary educators plan and organize excursions, play afternoons and celebrations. 

For the summer of 2021, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation has provided financial support for the association, so that for the first time the children and young people can also spend several days in a summer camp. Everyone involved experienced an unforgettable summer fairy tale with field games day and night, trips to an amusement park, discos and a night hike. Thanks to the support, participation was also possible for children who, due to various circumstances, could not afford the full price of the trip. 


Logo Welfare
COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY Hamburg


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