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New theater space for inclusive after-school care

The Protestant Michaelshof school in Rostock is pleased about two newly designed event rooms in the after-school care center. On the one hand, the theater room has been brought into shape, a new music system provides the right entertainment and the new karaoke machine ensures lively parties. The children in the after-school care center aged 6 to 12 are happy about this. In addition to the theater space, the movement space was also optimized. With the new materials, children with and without disabilities can creatively build their own exercise and play trails together. Playing and learning together is an important step on the way to an inclusive society. At the Michaelschule, every child, with their own unique personality, experiences participation in school community life. A respectful and trustingly stimulating learning culture forms the basis. This enables everyone to develop their talents and the highest possible achievements.


Logo Welfare
COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY Rostock


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