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Support for children from socially disadvantaged families in toy libraries

Afrika Tikkun is an Early Childhood Development programme in several cities in South Africa. The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation supports the programme by financing play libraries. The donation made it possible to purchase equipment for four play libraries. In addition to toys for toddlers and children, the play libraries were also equipped with handicraft materials, as well as materials for art lessons and lending games. 

With LandSchulCampus, a primary school with after-school care near Rostock, a facility has emerged in which inclusion is a top priority. Children with and without special needs learn together here. The right environment is a fundamental prerequisite for learning and growing successfully at school. The LandSchulCampus is an evangelical place of learning and education where children are allowed to have a say and are encouraged to be self-determined. It is a place where young people should feel comfortable in order to prepare them for their future in the best possible way.


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