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Renovation of the orphanage

Loving orphanage. Although there is a sad story behind every child in the orphanage Crèche Coeur Immaculé de Marie, the nuns always manage to catch the little orphans.For 150 years the order "Filles de Marie" has been working in Mauritius. With the help of 18 staff members, four sisters of the order now look after 30 children aged between zero and five years. They also run a pre-school in the orphanage and take in children of all religions.

With so much commitment and charity, it was a pleasure for the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation and its initiative "Drying Little Tears" to renovate the façade of the orphanage just in time for the 75th birthday of the orphanage and thus brighten up the living space of the little ones. In addition, the foundation financed the purchase and equipment of a service container. With its colourful redesign it serves as an extension of the orphanage.


Logo Welfare
COUNTRY Mauritius
CITY Quatre Bornes


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