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Furnishing and renovation of the children's home paradise

In the Paradise children's home, children who have fewer resources and living conditions due to social inequality due to their family situation have the opportunity to step out of their everyday world and get to know an unfamiliar environment. The children are accompanied pedagogically and encouraged to gain new experiences and to strengthen their personal identity. Community living is promoted by taking responsibility for oneself and for the group. In addition, every child can take the experiences into everyday life and thus use them sustainably.

The Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation DRYING LITTLE TEARS supported the conversion of a construction trailer into a theater space. In addition to being used as a theater space, the wagon was equipped with storage space for props, seating and a curtain. In the course of the renovation of the children's home paradise, the furnishing of the homework room with necessary furniture such as desks and office materials was also supported. Other pieces of furniture such as couches for the "chill room" and new garden chairs were also purchased. During the children's conference, requests and changes to the use and design of the room were made so that the rooms are always adapted to the current needs of the children.


Logo Welfare
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