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Modern equipment for hospital in Ukraine

The Baryshivka hospital is located about 70 kilometres east of the Ukrainian capital Kyjiv. About 300 children are born in the hospital's maternity ward every year. Modern equipment was urgently needed here to make births more comfortable and, above all, medically safer for mothers and newborns in the future.

That is why the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, together with the Partnerschaftenverein Pullach i. Isartal e.V., supported this project and was happy to purchase a state-of-the-art gynaecological chair with many technical possibilities. With the help of a new fetal monitor, the baby's vital signs can now be monitored before and during birth so that doctors can react quickly if necessary. To ensure that the newborns are also in good hands during the care immediately after birth, a warming bed was also purchased.

We are happy that we were able to help here with modern medical equipment and thus hopefully support the start in life of many babies.


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CITY Baryschiwka
PERIOD 2019-2020


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