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Football teaches team spirit in Sao Paolo

We support the renovation of a sports center and the construction of a new soccer field in Sao Paulo. Together with the order of Malteser, Dry the little tears supports financially the project Children's time is today.

From Brazil comes the idea that sport is able to lead children in the right direction. To be more precise: Children between the ages of six and eleven have launched a campaign to keep their less privileged contemporaries off the streets, to prevent them from falling into delinquency and to give them opportunities.

The new sports facilities should reassure the approximately 420 young people and give them a place where they can integrate into a community. Here they have the opportunity to learn new skills and try them out together. From capoeira (the Brazilian fighting art) to dance classes, soccer and movement games, there is something for every age group. The qualified staff, including doctors, physiotherapists, instructors, nutritionists and dance teachers, will ensure that the children have a reasonable amount of free time to develop their skills. The children can also develop their team spirit and practice conflict resolution in order to integrate them socially and to prepare them for an independent life.


Logo Welfare
COUNTRY Brasilien
CITY São Paulo
PERIOD 2013-2017


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