Drying Little Tears

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Barrier-free access to the bathing lake

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Employees of SIXT Switzerland collected the first donations for barrier-free access to the bathing lake for the Sonneninsel at a raffle and presented the project of the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation DRYING LITTLE TEARS.

In accordance with the guiding principle "Where there is joy, there is life", Sonneninsel organizes various programs to accompany children with cancer and their families back into everyday life. This is achieved with the help of trained therapists through: experiential education methods such as climbing, canoeing, creative and handicraft activities such as painting and pottery, conversations with affected people of the same age, therapeutically guided individual and group discussions, music, theater and role-playing games, relaxation exercises and fun and joy with fated people of the same age.

The small lake with the inlet through the Fischach on the grounds of the Sonneninsel could not be used until now. With the help of the donation and by renaturation and development of the bank the entrance could be facilitated for the cancer-ill and formerly cancer-ill children. In addition, the reconstruction of the inlet prevented an overflow for the future.

"Many, many, many thanks for the great commitment of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation and all those involved. Without this our dream of the sun island would not have become reality. It is an important building block that upgrades our outdoor offers and makes them accessible to all our guests in the sense of inclusion," Thomas Janik, Managing Director Sonneninsel


Logo Welfare

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