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New resuscitation emergency vehicles for the German Heart Center Munich

The German Heart Center Munich (DHM), a renowned clinic at the Technical University of Munich, has been dedicated to the treatment and research of heart and circulatory diseases for almost 50 years. The focus is particularly on the care of children with heart disease. In order to further improve medical care, we have donated three new resuscitation emergency vehicles to the DHM. 

These emergency vehicles are equipped with the latest technology and are standardized to enable a quick and efficient response in an emergency. Thanks to our donation, the DHM nursing staff can use these new vehicles and special VR training software to train intensively for emergency situations. This significantly increases the safety and effectiveness of resuscitating infants and children with congenital heart defects. 

Sustainable help: passing on the old emergency vehicles 

The old emergency vehicles, which were still fully functional, were not simply replaced and disposed of. Together with H.O.P.E. – we help children e.V., we ensured that these vehicles were brought to a hospital in Ukraine. There they continue to provide valuable services and help Ukrainian children by improving medical care on site. 


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