Joint donation to Associação Acreditar

We are pleased to announce a joint donation to the Associação Acreditar. Half of the donation was collected through customer satisfaction surveys from SIXT customers in 2023 (€0.50 per survey). The donation amount was doubled by the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation DRYING LITTLE TEARS.

The Associação Acreditar is a refuge for families with children suffering from cancer and offers them important support in difficult times. Acreditar offers a place that makes their journey easier. Our contribution supports the expansion of Casa Acreditar in Lisbon.

As part of this commitment, the employees of franchisee SIXT Portugal recently used a DRYING LITTLE TEARS Day to assemble furniture for the new Casa Acreditar and transform the house into a feel-good place.

A big "THANK YOU" to all the dedicated employees of SIXT Portugal who played an important role in the realization of this project!


FINANCED BYSIXT Franchisee Portugal | JAP Rent a car

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