“True help comes from the heart”: CSR activity in Poland

We have all been experiencing difficult times for several months now, in which many things are going differently than planned. Especially in such times uncomplicated help for those who need it most is important. Therefore, on behalf of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, we are especially happy when people all over the world get involved and help - today we are pleased to present a great campaign in Poland.

"Real help comes from the heart and shows great empathy. This is what our team does", our colleagues from SIXT Poland write about their initiative.

Together they organized a donation campaign for the children of two Educational Care Centers in the center of Warsaw. Various urgently needed everyday items for the children were collected, for example: disposable diapers, hygiene and care products, bottles, teats, clothes and toys.

Thank you very much for so much commitment and good energy!


CITY Warschau
PERIOD August 2020


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