Every sick child has a right on access to medical help and medical attention. We finance the construction of hospitals and provide medical devices, our employees visit ill children. Regine Sixt
Improved living conditions for families with children suffering from cancer
Purchase of a portable stair lift
Country: Israel
Town: Ramat Hasharon
Furnishing of a multifunctional room at the Kassel Hospital
Country: Germany
Town: Kassel
New therapy bed for the Atemreich children's home
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
Modern equipment for hospital in Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Town: Baryschiwka
Medical care in Kenya
Country: Kenya
Town: Nariokotome
Support for children who have suffered a stroke
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
Supported communication for children
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
Roof garden for the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre
Country: Malta
Town: Msida
New place of remembrance for children's hospice
Country: Belfast
Town: 2019
Therapy center for children
Country: Italy
Town: Modena
Warming beds for children in the recovery room of a clinic
Country: USA
Town: Tampa, Florida
Renovation and furnishing of a living room
Country: The Netherlands
Town: Amsterdam
Construction of a relaxation room
Country: Germany
Town: Leezen
Child-friendly design for a children's hospital
Country: Israel
Town: Bethlehem
Train set for the children hospital in Schwabing
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
Giving voice to the speechless
Country: Israel
Town: Ramat HaScharon
Establishment of a Stroke Center (CTB) at the Dr. v. Hauner Children's Clinic
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
The new performance space in the Children's Hospital
Country: England
Town: Liverpool
Eliya Project: Support for a childcare centre
Country: Israel
Town: Jerusalem
Equipping the maternity ward of the Malteser International Hospital Umuzike
Country: Nigeria
Town: Umuzike
Education and Activity Room at the SCMCI Surgical Department
Country: Israel
Town: Petach Tikwa
TV screens for the German Heart Center
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
In the 'AtemReich' children's home
Country: Germany
Town: Munich
Support for a children's special education center
Country: Mongolia
Town: Ulaanbaatar
New respirator for the mother-child clinic
Country: Czech Republic
Town: Prague
Country: Germany
Town: Germany
Building accommodation for parents
Country: El Salvador
Town: Santa Ana
A Mini for Out-Patient Care of seriously ill children
Country: Germany
Town: Frankfurt
Children's Home in Mandeni
Country: South Africa
Town: Mandeni
Special School in Beit Jala, Westbank
Country: Israel
Town: Nearby Jala, Bethlehem
Children's Hospital in Hadassah, Jerusalem
Country: Israel
Town: Jerusalem
Expansion of the Kindergarten Little Lambs
Country: South Africa
Town: Cape Town