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New therapy rooms for a support center

Inclusion. Together with Lifegate, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation financed the complete expansion of the therapy rooms at a special needs school in Beit Jala. The new building of the rehabilitation centre was opened in June 2012. In the building there is a special school for 40 children with disabilities and a kindergarten in which occupational, speech and music therapeutic methods are applied. Lifegate supports children according to the holistic concept. All areas of the impaired child's life are supported. Lifegate provides education (training places and workplaces) and medical rehabilitation (operations and medical interventions) as well as therapy and the provision of aids. Lifegate is doing pioneering work here. There is no comparable special school in the region. All support programmes take into account the situation at home and the cooperation of parents. Lifegate's help reaches the heart of society. And it builds bridges between people, because Palestinian children are also treated here.


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