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New garden furniture and renovations in the family competence center in Rostock

Thanks to the non-profit organization for child and youth welfare of ASB mbH, children and young people in Rostock Lichtenhagen have the opportunity to use a wide range of leisure activities. In addition to active youth welfare, childcare and housing, children and parents can find contact persons and help.

There is a freely accessible playground on the leisure area of the family competence center, which is regularly used by many children and young people. The very popular crawling tunnel with the associated palisades was repaired with the support of the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation DRYING LITTLE TEARS and can now be used again as an additional exercise room. Quote from a recreational boy: "That looks really cool." 

The foundation also financed the new garden furniture for the courtyard cafe. These were set up together with users. The meeting place for old and young has also been embellished with new plants and trees and now offers a pleasant atmosphere. Quote from a mother: "This furniture fits in extremely well with the natural character of this location." 


Logo Welfare
COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY Rostock


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