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New facilities for bereavement support

With the support of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation DRYING LITTLE TEARS, the new LACRIMA premises in Dresden could be set up and fully equipped. Affected families receive bereavement support and teachers and educators receive advice and support in the event of death in their facilities.

Prompt coping with grief is particularly important in childhood in order to avoid the negative consequences of unresolved grief in adulthood. During the pandemic, the existing bereavement groups only took place online and new groups could only start in attendance. The new LACRIMA rooms were fully furnished in the course of spring 2022 and can now be used together with the respective parent cafés.

The new facility includes a creative room with a fully equipped kitchen at two working heights, with cupboards for work materials, work tables, chairs and a cloakroom. The new relaxation room has been furnished with comfortable beanbags, a lounger area, special lighting technology and a music system. It is a room of arrival and a room of rest and meditation. The multifunctional room offers space for movement, movement games and the use of thematic media. Due to the central location of the LACRIMA rooms and the rooms that are optimally equipped for practical work, more affected families can be reached and supported in the medium term.


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