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New day clinic for children's oncology in Dakar

In Senegal, around 800 children are diagnosed with cancer every year. The only pediatric oncology care service is located at the Aristide Le Dantec Hospital in Dakar. Until now, only 220 children could be treated there each year. Therefore, she proposed a training program for the early detection of childhood cancer to the GFAOP (Franco-African Pediatric Oncology Group) to the Senegalese Ministry of Health. This is currently being developed in the country. With the establishment of a day clinic, more children should be able to be treated on an outpatient basis and the training program should be promoted. 

The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation made the construction of this day clinic possible. The roofing of an outbuilding was renewed and the equipment was financed. The pediatric oncology terrace has also been renewed. There is now more space for the nursing service and a child-friendly area in the day clinic has been designed for children with cancer and their families. 


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