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Equipping a group therapy room to promote inclusion

In inclusion work, children with disabilities and/or those in wheelchairs and their healthy siblings and their friends are brought together. Within the working group, siblings of disabled and life-limiting children learn to exchange ideas with other children in a similar situation. Siblings are often expected to function optimally in daily life for the benefit of their sick siblings. Their own needs for affection and confirmation in the family are often neglected, so that behavioral problems arise. Group therapy helps both siblings and sick children to come together and overcome the situation together.

The old and bulky furniture was removed from the group therapy room of the Förderverein KinderLeben e.V. and replaced with modular furniture. The new chairs also enable participants with disabilities to sit with little fatigue and distraction, so that even an intensive exchange does not have to be interrupted by unnecessary breaks, which often occurred in the past when unrest was caused by uncomfortable sitting. All participants will find a place at a table where they can take notes, regardless of whether they use a chair or are in a wheelchair. The association has since been able to adapt the room to the respective needs and the number of people participating in the inclusion-promoting group therapy sessions. The room is also used for the mourning cafe, as well as other events for the children and relatives at Christmas parties and birthdays.


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