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Accommodation for families with children suffering from cancer

Well-being for little patients The "Service d'Hématologie et Oncologie Pédiatrique" (SHOP) is part of the "Hôpital d'Enfants" in Rabat, Morocco. Every month, around 1,000 children and their families travel long distances from surrounding regions to receive treatments from the experts here. Only one tenth is treated as inpatients.

In order to be able to be in the hospital on fixed dates and also for the mental support during the treatment, the presence of the parents is essential. To enable the parents of the little patients to stay with their children, the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation "Drying Little Tears" has financed the renovation and re-equipment of the "Life House", an accommodation for families with children suffering from cancer, as well as the construction of a children's playground.

The project was realised together with the "groupe franco-africain d'oncologie pediatrique" (GFAOP) in favour of the Association Avenir.


Logo Welfare
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