Toy Drive for children in New York

In 2022, thousands of immigrant families will arrive in the United States. Many of these arrived in New York in early October. The families fled from the South American countries of Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia, among others. More than 350 children were separated from their families and have been living in emergency shelters since their arrival in New York. There they are cared for until they can be placed in children's homes or receive some type of municipal support. SIXT employees in New York wanted to brighten up the holidays for these children and decided to partner with the local elementary The Bellaire School in Queens Village. The employees organized a so-called “toy drive” for the school. A wish list was drawn up with the children in advance and employees fulfilled the children's wishes. More than 70 children were able to enjoy the toys and snacks and not only the employees had fun handing them over.


CITY New York


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