Tackling things together at Sterntaler Hof

With the best weather, the SIXT Austria team starts work on the Sterntaler Hof early in the morning. Together with employees from other companies, the day was planned well in advance so that the helpers could be divided up optimally. The Sterntaler Hof cares for families with seriously and chronically ill children and, in addition to therapy, also offers pastoral care and social work. On the site there are small stables, green areas, a playground and a garden. The helpers, who were divided into teams, pitched in and did well with the spring work that day. Among other things, the hedges were trimmed, fences built and cleaned, lawns trimmed and weeds removed. After lunch, the SIXT employees received a guided tour, which impressed everyone and left them speechless. But all the more everyone did their best to help.

“There was a lot to do and we really had to step on the gas to get everything done. Which was a real challenge given the extreme heat (36 degrees). But we all made an effort for a good cause and successfully completed our daily goal. We all had a lot of fun and we plan to do it again in the fall.”


COUNTRY Österreich
CITY Loipersdorf im Burgenland


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