Flight baptism and sightseeing flights for children from Paris

The Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation DRYING LITTLE TEARS invited sick children and children with disabilities from various institutions in Paris to a flight baptism. A special experience for the children was the opportunity to take part in a sightseeing flight with their parents. The pilots showed the beautiful landscape around Paris with the Rambouillet Castle, the training camp of the French national football team and of course the Seine. For the pilots of the Air France Club, who otherwise fly hundreds of passengers across the Atlantic, these short trips were also something very special. Each of the 40 children proudly accepted the flight certificate issued in their name.
Then a fire brigade unit from the airfield showed what can happen during an operation.
A picnic and gifts that followed made the children and their parents forget their fate for a few hours.


COUNTRY Frankreich
CITY Paris


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