New sports equipment for the LIV Village

Thanks to a donation from the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation DRYING LITTLE TEARS, SIXT employees in South Africa have been able to buy numerous pieces of sports equipment. These were handed over personally and of course had to be tested. Everyone involved had a lot of fun and the children were very happy about the new playing facilities.

LIV Village provides safe and stable home-like accommodation for orphaned and vulnerable children. Here they receive a quality education and can move on to secondary schools with scholarships. Through sponsorship and outreach programs, the children regain a foothold in their lifes and receive the support they need to make a new start.

"On behalf of all the children in LIV Village, we would like to thank you for the great donation of sports equipment. We are so grateful that the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation DRYING LITTLE TEARS considered our village, and we had a great time with Karry and the SIXT team!" Carita McCririe, Director LIV Village "Our team in Durban, led by Karry Werth, was very humbled and grateful to be a part of this wonderful experience. The Liv Village team was incredibly grateful for the quality sports equipment donated and thanked Ms. Sixt and DRYING LITTLE TEARS." Adélle Nel, Executive Head: Operations & Training


COUNTRY Südafrika
CITY Durban
PERIOD Juni 2021


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