A wonderful excursion to Gut Aiderbichl

Protect animals, create a home, create encounters. Gut Aiderbichl rescues animals from emergency situations and gives them a loving and species-appropriate home. But Gut Aiderbichl sees itself as much more than a contact point for animals in need. They also see their task as bringing people closer to the idea of ​​animal protection. That is why three of their six farms have been declared so-called encounter farms. In doing so, they create a space in which people and animals can meet in a relaxed and trusting manner. 

A great idea and a lovely destination for around 50 children from four Munich institutions who accepted our invitation to go on a trip to Gut Aiderbichl in Iffeldorf. The children had great fun watching the animals, petting them and feeding them. It was a wonderful day with the children from the Dominik Brunner House, the Pfennigparade, the Zauberwald sanctuary and for Ukrainian refugee children from the Pullach partnership association. For some it was their first big trip together and their first direct encounter with cats, ponies, sheep and goats. The children were able to learn a lot and returned home happy with a smile on their faces. 


COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY Iffeldorf


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