Help for children with cancer

With their natural and friendly manner, SIXT employees from Frankfurt ensured a good mood at the summer festival for children with cancer. The DRYING LITTLE TEARS Day took place on the occasion of 40 years of help for children with cancer Frankfurt e.V. This anniversary was extensively celebrated with numerous guests at the beginning of July. SIXT employees provided all the children and those present with cake and children were motivated with small gifts on the goal wall. SIXT employees also helped out with the bouncy castle and ensured the safety of the children.

When asked "What do you wish for the children in the future?" Media Celik (Rental Sales Agent) replies: "I wish that every child would have access to basic food, education without any restrictions. Above all, I wish that every child can be treated by doctors without any kind of worry or grief. Every child should be able to live and grow up with lots of love and access to everything they need.”

It was very touching and heartwarming for all SIXT employees involved to be able to help and support children and to see that they had a great day.


COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY Frankfurt


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