Experience the forest for a day

At the end of August, the Sales Strategy, Quality & Projects team went on a trip with children from the Johanniter Dominik-Brunner-Haus facility to experience the forest up close. The forest and the forest adventure center offered children from socially disadvantaged families a place to play and learn during the day. Together with the SIXT employees, they had a fun and instructive trip.

The SIXT team organized a guided tour through the Grünwald forest adventure center by a forester, who taught the children and the team a lot about the forest and its animals through various tasks and games. After the tour, the children had the opportunity to print their own colorful bags with leaves that they had collected in the forest and when visiting the wild boar enclosure.

Each child received a small goodie bag from the team with small gifts such as a book about the forest and a lens for the next adventure. The team concludes that the children not only had a lot of fun, but also had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things and express themselves creatively, as many of the children previously knew little or nothing about the forest. It was a great experience for the sales strategy, quality and project team to spend time with the children. Many thanks to Regine Sixt Kinderhilfe and the team for the opportunity.

The wish for the children of the Dominik-Brunner-Haus from the SIXT team: "We wish that each and every one of them has the opportunity to openly develop their own personality and interests and that it is not limited by their social or financial situation it was born into is withheld."


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