A day at the pony farm for children from Munich

At the invitation of Regine Sixt, a group of children from the Zauberwald were allowed to spend a day at the Sonnenland pony farm during the carnival holidays. For many it was a real adventure when they stood in front of the ponies for the first time.

After a round of getting to know each other, the rabbits were welcomed, but of course the horses were more exciting. Finally, all the children were looking forward to the riding lesson. Staff from Sonnenland took a lot of time and taught the children a lot about horses - what to watch out for and what horses like.

After this briefing, we finally went to the ponies. Each child immediately found a favourite pony and was allowed to stroke and groom it. The DRYING LITTLE TEARS team and the Sonnenhof staff helped, of course, and shortly afterwards all the children were sitting on the ponies and off they went. Initial concerns and fears were quickly thrown overboard. After a long ride into the countryside, happy children met again at the campfire. The first hunger was satisfied with a round of doughnuts.

There was a big surprise for the children at the end of the day, because Regine Sixt invited all the children to a meal. This was a successful conclusion to a wonderful day together. Everyone had experienced a lot and the children took home not only the small gifts from the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation as a souvenir.


COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY München


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