DRYING LITTLE TEARS Day together with Elsa and Anna

SIXT employees visited the Willem Alexander Children's Hospital in Leiden near The Hague as part of a DRYING LITTLE TEARS Day. There was a cuddly toy for every child visited in the clinic. The SIXT employees were accompanied by the two Disney princesses Anna and Elsa, who of course arrived in style in a car sponsored by SIXT. Immediately after arriving in front of the hospital, the car and the two princesses got all the attention - children and adults alike enjoyed the Disney magic. The hospital has its own TV studio where a live broadcast for the children takes place every Thursday. Children who feel strong enough can take part in this show live. All other children have the opportunity to watch the show live from their bed. During the program accompanying the visit, the princesses performed to the delight of the children. One little girl even had enough energy to dance and cuddle with the princesses. There was also a little raffle where a little boy won a giant panda bear.


COUNTRY Niederlande
CITY Leiden


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