Drying Little Tears Day in Benelux countries

In October 2019, SIXT employees from the Benelux region organized their first Drying Little Tears Day. Together they spent a day at the Malpertuus Child Care.

The children's home offers protection to children who have been taken from their families for their safety. A total of 16 children have found a safe place here to grow up and go to school in safety. In the backyard of the children's home, the ten helpers had a lot of gardening work to do to secure the grounds during their Drying Little Tears Day.

For one day, old branches were cleaned and new ones were cut to size, and then a tepee tent was built for the children to play in. Since it is made of willow, it will soon take root and grow into a natural tent in the coming years.

The tipi tent is part of a garden development plan that will turn the backyard into a natural adventure garden with all kinds of exciting things to experience and explore for children under 10.


CITY Löwen
PERIOD Oktober 2019


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