Children's Aid at Christmas time

The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation works all year round to help children in need and bring some joy into their lives, true to their motto “Drying Little Tears”.

Of course, the Christmas season is particularly appropriate for this, and this year Regine Sixt and many Sixt employees visited clinics where seriously sick children had to spend the holidays to bring a Christmas smile to the little ones with gifts and activities.

They were supported by actor Jan Hartmann (photo top left), who happily distributed the surprise bags.

One of Sixt's traditions is the “Wish Tree”, which, initiated by Regine Sixt, was again put up in the Pullach headquarters in 2018: a large Christmas tree, lovingly decorated with little stars, on which the wishes of sick and needy children from various Munich institutions were placed. In addition to the Children's Hospice Munich, the Atemreich centre, the Munich Orphanage and the “Magic Forest” Children's Shelter there were also children's wishes from Verein lebensmut and Bavaria-Kaserne, a refugee shelter for refugee children and adolescents. Employees were able to take down the individual stars and deliver them together with the corresponding beautifully packaged gift at a collection point. Representatives of the Munich facilities picked up the packages before Christmas and therefore brought the little ones to the Christmas celebration. Another project by the Children's Aid Foundation that wasn’t to do with Christmas also took place at the same time: Together with the Verein lebensmut in Munich, the “FreiRaum” project was realised, which targets teenagers from 13 to 18 years old whose parents are suffering from cancer. FreiRaum sees itself as a contact point for questions and organisation of help for this group of people and should be extended to all of Germany after its start in Munich.

So-called “Snuggle Houses” are also planned for parents suffering from cancer and their children in many places.


COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY München
PERIOD Dezember 2018


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