Backpacks and jackets for children from Ukraine

In April, children with cancer came with their mothers from Ukraine to Bavaria for treatment. The Schwabing children's clinic also took in small patients for oncological treatment. "The children who are now being treated as inpatients will stay with us for weeks and months, so we feel responsible for accommodation and integration in Munich in addition to purely medical care," explains Prof. Dr. Hauer, Chief Physician at the Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. We support this task and have handed over welcome backpacks with light jackets for the children and their mothers to the clinic management.

The children and mothers had to leave their homes and had only taken the bare essentials with them. The clinics in Ukraine no longer offered any protection and full treatment was no longer possible. In Bavaria, the children can come to rest and the mothers and companions who fled with them are also taken care of.


COUNTRY Deutschland
CITY München


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