SIXT Initiatives Marathon

A l'occasion de la Journée Mondiale de l'Enfance le 20 novembre, l'équipe de la Fondation Aide à l'Enfance Regine Sixt a invité tous les pays SIXT à participer au premier Marathon des Initiatives SIXT au profit des enfants socialement défavorisés du monde entier. De nombreux pays ont mis en place de merveilleuses activités - conformes au Covid-19 - avec leurs organisations partenaires locales, dont nous aimerions montrer ici une sélection.

SIXT Italy organized both entertainment with professional circus performers for children of the Primary School “Scuola Rinnovata” and a ’Game of the Goose’ open air activity at “Trotter Farm” in Milan. Together with its local partner Alder Hey in Liverpool, SIXT UK donated a range of crafting sets, including paint-your-own money boxes, colouring books and card making kits for the hospitalised children. SIXT USA partnered with the City of Fort Lauderdale on their ‘Action for Literacy’ event, where free books were distributed to children from the local communities and where DLT volunteers were able to read to the children, play fun word games and interact with the families. SIXT Spain visited the “Fundación Mater” which cares for disabled children in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Palma and decorated Christmas trees together with the children to generate a Christmas ambience in the education centre. For the children of “Ministerios de Amor” in Monterrey, SIXT Mexico organized a drawing activity on the topic ‘What makes you happy?’ with answers including nature, superhero movies, pizza, singing and reading. SIXT Pakistan visited an orphanage by the name of SOS Village in Lahore playing games like cricket, football, and badminton, also sharing gift bags and a healthy lunch with the kids. SIXT Greece granted the use a Renault Clio Sport Tourer to “Ark of the world” so that a greater number of children fostered by the organization will have the chance to be safely transported from their guest homes to their schools and extracurricular activities. Finally, SIXT Lithuania spent an afternoon in Malteser’s children day centre in Kaunas presenting new cars and playing games.

L'équipe de la Fondation Aide à l'Enfance Regine Sixt tient à remercier les pays SIXT pour leur engagement en faveur des enfants défavorisés du monde entier !


PAYS SIXT Corporate und Franchise Länder
VILLE Diverse
PÉRIODE November 2021


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