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Thorough renovation of the Baumgartsbrunn school

In 1972 the foundation stone was laid for today's Baumgartsbrunn Farm School in the Khomas region. Because children and teachers cannot get home in the evenings or at weekends, a school village was quickly established. Today ten teachers teach up to 300 students in ten classes. So far, the gate to a meaningful future has been opened for more than 3000 children. 

Over the years, the Baumgartsbrunn Farm School has become an important educational institution for the local farm worker children of Namibia. The recognized model project of meaningful development aid enables the local children to receive a basic education and offers young people in the region the opportunity for vocational training. In 2008, the Rotary Social Association Lahr e.V. decided to completely renovate the school because there was a risk that the school would have been closed. The hygienic conditions and the building technology had become unacceptable for the students. 

After intensive renovation of the sanitary facilities, some buildings and the construction of sports and leisure facilities, the Baumgartsbrunn Farm School is now an example of a well-run boarding school. With the financial support of the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation DRYING LITTLE TEARS, a playground could be built and the dormitories could be equipped with beds and mattresses. The accommodation for the teaching staff and the kitchen were also renovated.

The complete renovation was completed in October 2019 and after a few stages of the Corona Pandemic, school operations could be fully resumed in 2022.


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